Barbis Fine Art Conservation: Shipping Instructions

Shipping your artwork safely

If you need to ship your artwork to us for conservation services, we recommend that you first call so that we can determine the safest and most cost effective method to use. For most works of art on paper, UPS or Fed Ex are usually the best choices. However, there are some types of artwork such as pastels that should not be shipped in this way and require special arrangements.

Handling larger works of art

If the artwork is larger than two feet in any dimension, we recommend that you use one of our own shipping containers that we will be happy to loan to you. If needed, we can also help make arrangements to ship over-sized works of art that cannot be handled by common carrier.

Instructions for shipping artwork under two feet long via UPS or Fed Ex

Never ship art in frames with the glass still installed. Even if you tape the glass, it can still break and seriously damage the art, mat and frame. We recommend that you first take the print or photograph out of the frame; or if you prefer, have a local frame shop do it for you. If the artwork is attached to a mount or mat, do not try to separate them. Instead, wrap everything in clean, unprinted paper and carefully tape this onto a piece of cardboard that is at least four inches larger than the artwork on all corners. We also recommend using paper corner protectors as shown in the illustrations below. Once the art is attached to the cardboard sleeve, place the whole assembly inside a plastic or polyethylene bag.

directions for making paper shipping corners

The next step is to prepare the outer shipping container. Cut eight pieces of corrugated cardboard that are once again at least four inches larger than the artwork. Using packing tape, securely attach four pieces of cardboard to each side of the inner sleeve. You should also include a packing slip that lists your name, contact information and a description of all items in the package. Next, contact the shipping company and give them the addresses for pickup and delivery, the value you wish to insure the artwork for and request a tracking number.

Our shipping address

Barbis Fine Art Conservation
21710 Maxham Meadow Way
Sunset Farm, Third Floor
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